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orthopedic surgeon

A brief Introduction.....

Prof Gourishankar Patnaik is an internationally acclaimed orthopaedic and spinal surgeon. A topper throughout Dr. Patnaik did his basic medical degree from Nagpur and subsequently he completed his specialization in Orthopaedics and Trauma surgery. He did his fellowship in advanced Trauma surgery from University of Alabama, Birmingham, USA. A post graduate in Sociology, Public administration and Economics, Dr Patnaik  has more than thirty  years  of teaching , clinical and research experience in  various  hospitals and universities in India, Malaysia, Oman and USA. Author of many books Dr Patnaik has proficiency in nine languages and has more than 50 publications in various reputed journals.

A gifted orator he is a much sought after public speaker across the world. His research interest include E learning, communication, women empowerment, gender bias, community orthopaedics, graceful aging. He is at present  Professor in Orthopaedic Surgery  and a consultant orthopaedic and Spinal surgeon , Bhubaneswar, India.

 He can be contacted at  www.drgspatnaik.com  and drgpatnaik@gmail.com

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