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Medical Books

1. Understanding Diabetic Foot ISBN-13 : 978-3848442966


Preview: Most foot problems that people with diabetes face arise from two serious complications of the disease: nerve damage and poor circulation. The lack of feeling and poor blood flow can allow a small blister to progress to a serious infection in a matter of days. The consequences can range from hospitalization for antibiotics to amputation of a toe or foot. For people with diabetes, careful, daily inspection of the feet is essential to overall health and the prevention of damaging foot problems. This book is essentially for the residents and general duty medical officers who often encounter diabetic foot ulcers in their clinical practice and effectively manage them with bare minimum facilities. The illustrations in this book are from the authors' exclusive and personal collections. The cover picture signifies the importannce of tender care and caring attitude in dealing with these unfortunate and poor patients.In the experience of the authors careful planning, meticulous clinical examination, proper holistic investigations and appropriate treatment will go a long way in bringing cheer and happiness to these unfortunate patients of this seemingly preventable complication of diabetes.

2.Cissus Quadrangularis ISBN-13 : 978-3847305699


Preview: Throughout history, and even today in much of the world, traditional herbal medicine has been the mainstay of medical practice. This long tradition of herbal wisdom has employed various herbs to speed fracture healing. Cissus quadrangularis is an herb with an ancient history of use in refined and effective herbal medicine traditions, and has long been hailed as an especially powerful natural treatment for a variety of indications. Cissus Quadrangularis is a natural herb grown in India that can speed-up the healing of your bone fractures, joints & tendon muscle. Since it's an Ayurvedic treatment, there are NO Side Effects and you can take it along with your regular medication. It is a highly effective treatment for curing bone fractures & muscle injuries through both analgesic and connective-tissue strengthening processes. Cissus Quadrangularis has high amounts of vitamin C and antioxidants which directly boosts bone reformation and increases bone density.The authors are using this compound in their clinical practice and this treatise is a reflection of their experience in the usage of this wonder drug in the routine practise of fracture management.

3.Musculoskeletal Medicine for Undergraduates ISBN-13 : 978-3639301069


Preview: Medical curriculum needs to be altered especially in the field of musculoskeletal medicine. There are perceived deficiencies of organized trauma content in many undergraduate surgical programmes. However we see that a MBBS graduate after passing out of his medical schools is found pathetically deficient in management of trauma cases and especially musculoskeletal disease which forms a major chunk of emergency admissions to any public or even private sector hospital. Very few universities in the world has devised a comprehensive teaching program that involves structured teaching programmes that includes designated time table and log books of musculoskeletal diseases. This gives student access to the interpretations of imaging modalities like CT and MRI scan.In my stint as medical teacher we have devised in our university a structured pattern in this important subject which is augmented with assessment like OSCE and MEQ tools with gratifying results. This method has combined structured teaching and clinical clerkship.It is expected that medical educators pay more attention to this important subject.The topics covered in this book are tutorials topics in musculoskeletal medicine.

4.Orthopedics for Undergraduates ISBN-13 : 978-3639296518


Preview: Orthopedics as an undergraduate subject has been neglected since the inception of this subject separate from Surgery in the undergraduate curriculum.However seeing an increasing surge in the number of musculoskeletal diseases it has been rightly given additional time and weightage.However the subject being a vast one it becomes necessary for the medical student to have a concise yet desired understanding.The student is expected to learn everything about certain common conditions and some not so common orthopedic problems.The present series of topics discussed in this book throw weight on certain topics of interest which the average medical student will usually not cover in the usual lecture sessions in the medical school. The topics covered in the book are topics that will help the aspiring medical students to learn the clinical applications of the theoretical conditions which he narrates from the text books.These topics in essence are the tutorial lectures taken by the author during his long career as a popular medical teacher in orthopedics surgery across the globe.The book is released for the benefit of Medical students and orthopedic residents and is dedicated to them.

5.Musculoskeletal Manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus ISBN-13 : 978-3639280890


Preview:Diabetes mellitus is a multi-system disease characterized by persistent hyperglycemia that has both acute and chronic biochemical and anatomical sequel.Diabetes mellitus affects the connective tissue in a variety of ways and so we observe a variety of alterations in the locomotor system including neuroarthropathy, hyperostosis, osteoporosis, cheiroarthropathy, limited joint mobility, muscular infarctions.In this review, musculoskeletal manifestations in diabetic patients are presented. Late complications of diabetes mellitus (neuropathic arthropathy and diabetic muscle infarction), consequences of metabolic derangement inherent to diabetes (diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis, osteopenia, and osteoporosis), syndromes that may share etiologic mechanisms with changes of collagen and microvascular disease limited joint mobility syndrome, palmar flexor tenosynovitis (trigger finger), Dupuytren's disease, adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder, and reflex sympathetic dystrophy) are described. Moreover, carpal tunnel syndrome, gout, osteoarthritis and their probable association with diabetes mellitus are discussed.Effective diagnostic and therapeutic treatment strategies are discussed.6

6.osteoporosis ISBN-13 : 978-3639272604

Osteoporosis https://www.amazon.in/Osteoporosis-Gourishankar-Patnaik/dp/3639272609/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&qid=1604998578&refinements=p_27%3AGourishankar+Patnaik&s=books&sr=1-12

The field of osteoporosis has advanced significantly over the past several years . By definition osteoporosis is a systemic skeletal disease characterized by low bone mass and micro architectural deterioration of bone tissue, with a consequent increase in bone fragility and susceptibility to fracture risk.Research into novel therapies in osteoporosis is more active at present than at any time in the past. The use of bisphosphonates and selective estrogen receptor modulators have revolutionized the treatment.General hygienic interventions, such as dietary or supplemental calcium and adequate physical activity are recommended for virtually all patients.A well planned program of treatment for osteoporosis depends on correction of all underlying nutritional and physiologic abnormalities there needs to have a strategic balance between bone resorption and bone formation. Hormonal prevention of osteoporosis with estrogen is a major advance in preventive medicine. A multifactorial intervention to reduce the occurrence of falls and consequently fractures is mandatory. Back pain could be usually the first indicator of underlying osteoporosis. Newer strategies to find treatment is discussed.

7.The Aging Knee ISBN-13 : 978-3639268690


Preview:As the population ages there is an increasing concern amongst the population about the aging knee. Osteoarthritis as it iscalled affects population without distinction of caste, creed, nationality and gender. Understanding the pathogenesis of this debilitating disease would certainly help in the proper management. Diagnosis is usually never an issue as it can be diagnosed by the cardinal signs of chronic pain, stiffness, crepitations and varus deformities. Radiologically one finds decrease in joint space, osteophytes, subchondral sclerosis, subchondral cysts, loose bodies amongst others. Comprehensive medical research globally points out to various newer mechanisms in the synthesis of pain in OA knee. The treatment options are very many ranging from reassuance till complex replacement surgeries which are so common these days. A comprehensive discussion of various pathogenesis theories are discussed and newer concepts of medical management are suggested keeping the patients compliance as one of the important parameters. These deliberations should lead to further research in various conservative management options for this debilitating condition

8.Synopsis on Spinal Injuries: (Orthopedic and Spinal Diseases) ISBN-13 : 978-1505725568


As the 21st century begins to bloom, advances in scientific understanding of the human body are leading to tremendous opportunities for treating even the most devastating diseases. Among the most exciting frontiers in medicine is the repair of traumatic injuries to the central nervous system (CNS), including the spinal cord. Improvements in treatment are helping many more people survive spinal cord injury, and the time survivors must spend in the hospital is half what it was 20 years ago. Yet most spinal cord injuries still cause lifelong disability, and further research is critically needed. The injury of actor Christopher Reeve in 1995 drew the world’s attention to the tragedy of spinal cord injury. The incidence of spinal cord injuries peaks among people in their early 20s, with a small increase in the elderly population due to falls and degenerative diseases of the spine. Because spinal cord injuries usually occur in early adulthood, those affected often require costly supportive care for many decades. Spinal cord injuries and its aftereffect create enormous burden to the families who become victims of the aftereffects of these disastrous injuries. The consequences are social, economical, and psychological besides medical and surgical complications. Attempt has been made to portray the larger picture of these injuries and its various ramifications. It is primarily intended for the medical students and general practitioners in understanding of these complex injuries.Research in spinal cord regeneration is catching attention of clinicians and basic scientists. It would almost revolutionise the life and disease outcome of these unfortunate patients if we can work out a cost effective and practical treatment regimen for these victims who are unfortunately in the prime of their productive years. It was gratifying to learn that nerves in peripheral nervous system (PNS), which are outside the brain or spinal cord, did regrow. It is exciting to learn that the prospects of regrowth of spinal cord improve when these PNS cells are implanted in damaged spinal cord. Spinal cord injury is a global epidemic. A lot of research is going on in this field. Axonal regeneration, electric stimulation, Netrins, stem cells etc are few exciting fields in the area of research. It is ongoing research whereby the ability to grow human motor neurons in the laboratory will provide new insights into disease processes and could be used as alternative to animal models for finding therapeutic targets and testing drug.Researchers have identified a wide variety of potential therapies for spinal cord injury. To efficiently evaluate these therapies, however, investigators need to carry out well-designed preclinical and clinical trials that will reveal the benefits and drawbacks of each strategy. While all of these potential therapies appear promising, not all are at the same stage of development. Some neuroprotective drugs, including certain antioxidants and antiexcitotoxic drugs, are already being tested in humans for other purposes. Recently discovered molecules, such as those that control axon guidance, will require a great deal of basic and applied research before they can be developed into useful drugs. With so many potential therapies for spinal cord injury, investigators must carry out efficient preclinical tests to ensure that the most effective therapies proceed as rapidly as possible to clinical trials and, ultimately, to proven safety and usefulness. New animal models and better ways to monitor the success of treatments are essential to this process.A lot has been done. A lot needs to be done. It is the principal responsibility of planners, politicians, sociologists, scientists, researchers to contribute all their might to work on strategies to reduce 

Other Books

1.The Art of Dying  ISBN-13 : 978-3847322580


Preview:Death is a difficult topic to talk about. It is believed by some that just before death all diseases leave the body. The reason for this may be that life wants you to go unto death with full awareness. Now, not everyone has to believe in that. But the fact remains that if you live your life with full awareness, if you have taken risks in life with full awareness, if you have participated in crisis (be it natural or planned adventure), you will die with full awareness too.You must not be afraid to discuss death. Don't get upright about it. Instead, let this knowledge help you to live every moment of your life fully, because every moment matters. That's what happens when somebody knows they only have a week left. You can be certain that they would tell you that the most important week they ever had was that last week. Everything is a million times more meaningful in that final week. In death you have to encounter this fact: that the body is going; now it cannot be retained any more. The mind is leaving you - now you are no more in control of the mind. The ego is dissolving - you cannot even say 'I'. You tremble with fear, on the verge of nothingness. You will be no more.

2. Understanding Woman ISBN-13 : 978-3847317203


Preview:Woman as a living entity is a source of tremendous research as this species is different anatomically, psychologically and emotionally. Solid evidence shows that men and women do differ in social relating, aptitude, and personality.Much of the evidence also indicates that these differences are not simply a matter of socialization or cultural conditioning.The common-sense view notes actual observed differences in the ways men and women behave, but its conceptual framework is too simplified. Significant differences between men and women do exist.However, they must be carefully defined and described if they are to pass the test of scientific scrutiny.Men and women approach problems with similar goals but with different considerations. While men and women can solve problems equally well, their approach and their process are often quite different.Men approach problems in a very different manner than women.It is wrong to summarily interpret woman as they are enigmatic.The following pages are the authors' perception of the women in general and the sayings and analysis of great masters like Sigmund Freud, Osho.This is a humble dedication to the woman on the eve of International Woman's Day.

3. Understanding Death  ISBN-13 : 978-3847308782


Preview: Death as a phenomenon has always baffled mankind. No one wants to die yet every moment we are dying. In fact the medical science has proven that every cell in the human body degenerates and there is a constant regeneration. This degeneration or decay is nothing but death. In fact death as a phenomenon scares us because we have the limited understanding of life. Death is an absolutely necessary process for life to be. It is not the enemy, it is the friend. And it is not there somewhere in the future, it is here, now. It is not going to happen, it has been always happening. With each exhalation it happens -- a little death, a small death -- but because of fear we have put it in the future.The mind always tries to avoid things which it cannot comprehend, and death is one of the most incomprehensible mysteries. The following pages is the authors understanding of death which is a constant companion of a practicing physician as well as his readings about what the great philosophers and religion has commented on this intriguing topic.The topics are a part of collection of lectures taken by theprincipal author during his discourses on the topic of understanding death.

4. Understanding Anger ISBN-13 : 978-3639329681


Preview: Anger is a very common emotion that usually materializes in response to a frustrating or upsetting situation. Individuals who get angry often, and who can't control their anger, are often said to have an anger management problem. An anger management problem is common among those who suffered an abusive or unhealthy childhood, or it could be the result of a mental issue or chemical imbalance. Many anger management problems are actually the result of mere immaturity, where the individual is perfectly capable, yet unwilling to control their nonsensical outbursts. An anger management problem that is attribute to immaturity can result from feelings of entitlement, jealousy, or even be caused by the angry individual's lack of desire to grow up and handle their emotions in an adult, civilized fashion. If you believe you have an anger management problem, but you don't know how to manage it, read on to learn how to control your anger problem.it is imperative to understand that anger as an emotion is something which every living entity has to counter if one has to have a smooth sailing in our day to day life. It is also required to understand the causes, the trigger points that make one angry.

5. E Learning ISBN-13 : 978-3639277388


Preview:We are just beginning to harness the power of the internet for the delivery and management of education. Even without a clear demonstration that e-learning is superior to traditional lectures; the use of online learning provides solutions that can overcome some problems with traditional education, especially in the area of medicine. With increasing constraints being placed on educators, one needs to explore other avenues for effective knowledge transfer to trainees especially in health care. e-learning provides flexibility in both time and location, while accessing curriculum presented online. The harnessing of computer technology, more specifically web-based tools open the door for collaboration amongst both students and teachers. E-learning adds many dimensions to the educational process and if utilized well, has the potential to enhance both the students and instructors educational experience. It will not replace the traditional teaching but can certainly augment the magnitude of knowledge dispensation to the ever increasing knowledge hunger of a student that essentially remains the driving force to excel in thisworld.E learning has come to stay for long.

6. Understanding Stress  ISBN-13 : 978-3639277357


Preview: Stress, depression and anxiety are the plagues of the modern world. With modern day busy lifestyles, stress and anxiety are severe troubles that make the day very demanding and if you're unaware of how to address stress and anxiety well, then both your psychological and physical wellness will suffer.The stress is universal. It is ubiquitous. It is natural. It is inseparable from life. However; if it is not managed properly then it becomes detrimental to individual and global blossoming and even survival. Hence it has to be managed properly. Stress, depression and anxiety are the plagues of the modern world. The ways of stress management have been changing as the life and the nature of stress have been changing. Since the nature of life is vast and complex the nature of stress is also vast and complex. Knowing how to handle stress effectively means being continually aware that there is always a solution. What is important is an holistic approach in which all the facets of life are understood in its real perspective and efforts are made to assimilate oneself with the super consciousness that what is our essential being. Let us live life to its fullest and not like a living corpse.


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