Dr Gourishankar

Professor of Orthopedics - Doctor - Surgeon - 29 Years of Expertise

I'm Gourishankar Patnaik. I am a fun loving person ,yet serious enough to enjoy solitude. Destined to be a physician and healer I was trained to be an orthopedic surgeon with special interest in complex trauma and Spine. But my life does not end with just being a doctor. My interest runs into a wide spectrum of interest be it politics, Religion, Literature, Music, chatting, discovering the occult and anything that’s a challenge to learn. You might say it might be the child within me that pops up every now and then. ​

Since few years I have tried experimenting with my pen and was surprised to write a few books which are critically acclaimed. I would honestly like to be a social doctor who can feel the pulse of the underprivileged and the have-nots. Don’t you feel we have come to this world to spread love, passion, sympathy and prayers? Please keep visiting me through this site

Books authored

1. Musculoskeletal Medicine for undergraduates: Selected Tutorials

2. Musculoskeletal Manifestations of Diabetes Mellitus: Orthopedic and Rheumatological afflictions in Diabetes Mellitus A review

3. The Aging Knee: Pathogenesis and Medical Management

4. Understanding Stress: Effective Management Techniques

5. E Learning: Scopes and Limitations

Professional Memberships

1. Life Member, Indian Orthopedic Association
2. Life Member , Indian Society Of Health Administrators
3. Life Member , Indian Medical association
4. Member,G.C.C. Orthopedic Association
5. Member pan Arab and GCC orthopedic Association
6. Member World Orthopedic Concern 7. Member, Tamilnadu Orthopedic Association , India
8. Member ,Maharashtra Orthopedic Association
9. Member Oman Orthopedic Society
10. Member AO alumini, Switzerland
11. Executive Member Orissa Orthopedic Association
12. Malaysian Medical association

Medical Registration

1. Orissa Medical Registration Regn No . 16583/2008
2. Maharashtra Medical Council Regn No. 50154
3. Malaysian Medical Council PPF 8092988
4. Oman Medical Council

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